Kansas & All Start S5E11

Belated but not forgotten!

We schmak the Kansas race and the… well, whatever that “All Star” thing is.

Picks for next week at the Coke 600:

Coach: Kevin Harvick
Rob: Brad Keselowski

Talladega, S5E10

We schmak the thing that happened at Talladega, talk shirts, fantasy, and moooorrrreeee!

Picks for Kansas:

Coach: Kevin Harvick
Rob: Jeff Gordon

Richmond S5E09

We briefly Schmak the Richmond race.

Picks for ‘dega:

Coach: Clint Bowyer
Rob: Erik Jones

Bristol, S5E08

Bristol! It’s great! And some schmacking.

Picks for Richmond:

Coach: Kevin Harvick
Rob: Jeff Gordon

Texas, S5E07

We schmak texas, tiregate, and the Danica Interview. Also, picks and some fantasy bagging.

Picks for next week at Bristol:

Rob: Joey Logano
Coach: Matt Kenseth

Martinsville – S5E06

This week we schmak Martinsville, tire-gate, and a whole host of other topics.

Picks for next week at Texas:

Rob: Kevin Harvick
Coach: Joey Logano

Fontucky – S5E05

We schmak Fontana in under 2 minutes, talk about the bogus caution at the end, and some things you just have to hear to believe!

Picks for Martinsville:

Rob: Jeff Gordon
Coach: Jimmie Johnson

Phoenix S5E4

We schmak Kurt Busch (in the face?), and then the race.

Sports Illustrated article.

Picks for Fontana:
Coach: Kyle Larson
Rob: Jimmie Johnson

Atlanta Money Grubbing S5E3

This week we schmak the lack of SAFER Barriers at Atlanta, the race happenings, our pal Mayfield makes a triumphant return to the show, and the stupid NASCAR live fantasy does not allow for Monday changes.

Picks for next week:

Coach: Harvick
Rob: Keselowski

Older, Whiter, Stupider at Daytona S5E2

This week we schmak the race and so-called broadcast, along with a few other things in the news.

• Busch Free Daytona.

• Travis Kvapil gets a pass?!

• Jeremy Mayfield… what’s up with him?

• The guy who shot the splitter? Tim Brewer!

• Also, Rob swears a few times.

Picks for next week:

Rob: Jeff Gordon
Coach: Kyle Larson

Daytona 2015 – Season 5, Episode 1

NASCAR is back, which means we’re back! For at least one more year. Ball’s in your court, NASCAR. Err, anyway, we schmak the offseason news, Jeff Gordon’s impending retirement, the NEW FANTASY HOO-HA at nascar.com – make sure to pick the Fantasy Live, and go to league “TRACK SCHMAK FANTASY HOO-HA” to join in.

Schmak picks for Daytona 500:

Coach: Matt Kenseth
Rob: Jeff “Single tear because I’m retiring” Gordon

Chase Finale!

In our final schmak of the year, we look at what happened at Homestead, and how the fantasy points played out.

In Yahoo Fantasy, Rob finished the playoffs and season in 1st, Coach finished the playoffs in 2nd and 3rd in the season.

In Schmak picks, Coach finished in 1st with 23 points vs Rob’s 15 points.

Chase Elimination!

We schmak the mostly boring race at Phoenix, talk about fight culture in NASCAR, and go through our feels regarding the possibility of each of the final four becoming champion. Also – yahoo fantasy is heating up for this final race.


Coach: Kevin Harvick
Rob: Jeff Gordon

Chase Brawl!


This week we schmak the schmaking that happened instead of a race at Texas. We apologize in advance for some audio quality issues – both of us had loud fans or A/C going in the background and noise removal techniques created a sub optimal sound.

Picks for next week at Phoenix:

Coach: Kevin Harvick
Rob: Brad Keselowski

Also, here is a picture that we talk about in the podcast:


Chase Not Ready Spaghetti!

An amazing race deserves an amazing schmak. Here is this week’s schmak instead – topics include Newman’s Silent-But-Deadly points racing, Brian “The Sheriff” Vickers laying down the law, and all of the racing, points-ing, and chase-ing that happened. Also, Dale Jr. seemed happy.

Picks for the Texas:
Rob: Jeff Gordon
Coach: Kyle Busch

Chase Collapse!

We schmak the collapse of Jr. and Johnson at Talladega, the Newman inspection failure, and all the news thats worth schmaking this week, plus make our picks for Martinsville next week.


Rob: Jeff Gordon
Coach: Kevin Harvick

Chase Clash!

This week, we schmak the wild ending of the Charlotte chase race, Tony Stewart’s temper flare up, and make wild guesses for the unpredictable Talladega race. Will it be a snooze fest? Will desperation sneak in? Who knows!


Coach: Dale Jr.
Rob: Matt Kenseth

Chase shakeup!

Kansas happened. Well, life happened, and then also Kansas. Lots of non-Tony Stewart news this week, and a chase format that made an otherwise boring race interesting all the way through.

Picks for next week:

Rob: Jimmie Johnson
Coach: Kevin Harvick

Chase Ahoy!

It’s a shorter show this week, because of the amazingly boring Richmond race. Never fear, the schmak livens things up, and we handicap the brackets for the chase elimination rounds.

Print out your own bracket here

Picks for Chicagoland:

Coach: Keselowski
Rob: Kyle Busch

Gearing up again – Richmond Preview

Lots to discuss – Edwards to JGR, Fennig to retire, Stewart returning to the track, cause making or breaking scenarios, etc…

Picks for Richmond:

Rob: Matt Kenseth
Coach: Jeff Gordon