Daytona Fire-hundred

Daytona has been raced, wrecked, burned, and now schmaked!

Monday night race? Was a new precedent set?

How about that explosion?

We were wrong about the Rouschers (especially Biffle), some social media snafus, and more!

Also, picks for next week:

Coach: Carl Edwards

Rob: Ryan Newman

Daytona Picks 2012

With the wonderment of the Gatorade Duels behind us, we schmak our picks for the 2012 Daytona 500.

Rob: Kyle Busch

Coach: Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Going Live!

At long last, Trach Schmak is back

New year, new teams, new format.

Picks for Daytona 500… to come on Friday, after the Duels.

Topics covered in this episode – whats happened since we left, the absence of an eligible Rookie of the Year, Fox broadcast, evil alternate universe Jeff Hammond, and more.

Also, our first experiment with live streaming – the setup caused a bit of delay between the two of us, but we got a live stream out! Now to just make it better and better.

It’s soon to be the first schmak of the year.

Daytona is reverberating with the roar of the engines, getting ready to start the 2012 season. And that means it’s time for another season of trach schmak.

Podcast will be recorded tomorrow, get your podcast feed readers ready.