Reminiscent of the horrible Kentucky race last year, Fontana served up an even more boring and worthless race.

This week, TrachSchmak lampoons the race, and then discusses the below average performance of our picks this year.

Picks for next week:

Coach: Denny Hamlin

Rob: Jeff Gordon


Chief Appellate Officer

The Jimmie Johnson penalty has been rescinded, and there was much rejoicing knashing of teeth, if you look at the #NASCAR hashtag on twitter. We at trachschmak, however, have a unique take on this penalty.

Also – explanations of right front vs right rear tire wear include the phrase “driving in deep and hard”. It’s a can’t-miss episode.

Pick for next week:

Coach: Jimmie Johnson

Rob: Matt Kenseth

(Yes, just a swap from last week).



This week’s Schmak is an unusual one – scheduling prevented us from being able to record at the same time. Asynchronous recording FTW!

It was a struggle to not mess with Rob’s recording and pull all sorts of editing pranks, but time and decorum prevented too many shenanigans from taking place.

Next week we plan to get the Schmak back on Trach with live broadcast and recording.

Picks for this week at Bristol:

Rob – Jimmie Johnson

Coach – Matt Kenseth (although I have a sneaking suspicion that the Penske group will do well here as well).


Waltripping to Phoenix

Our take on the ridiculousness that is the Waltrip broadcasting family, and of course the race as well.

Coach’s pick for this week wrecked Rob’s pick, so that’s another one for Coach. Get ready for the wheels to come off, the curse to start, and things to start coming up Rob.

Perhaps starting at Vegas. Our picks:

Coach: Brad Keselowski

Rob: Denny Hamlin