Painting a Mustache on the Mona Lisa

Coke 600, schmaked!

Lots of interesting topics – why is Fox so bad? What’s up with Danica? What was up with the paint schemes?

Lots of thought provoking content, and a tease to some articles soon to appear.

Picks for next week at Dover:

Rob: Jimmie Johnson

Coach: AJ Allmendinger

Some Star Race

It seems like this week, the All-Star race generated two kinds of reactions:

1) “Great! Could use some tweaks, but overall was pretty good”

b) “Horrible. Jimmie Johnson stunk up the show, and spent 80% of the show not even racing”

Trachschmak this week was divided along those lines, and delves into what was good, what was bad, and what needs to be changed to make the race better. Kinda like what we’re supposed to do every week.

Ohh, and also, one of the schmakers admits on the air that he is becoming a fan of a certain team again. Also, this same schmaker will be on a boat this coming Memorial weekend, so next week’s schmak may be a bit of work, but it will happen.

Also, this same schmaker won both picks last week, so he got to pick first this week as well.

Picks for Coke 600:

Coach: Jimmie Johnson (boring pick, but most likely to win)

Rob: Matt Kenseth (also influenced by Coach, so he can do no wrong this week).


Recapping a Darlington race most notable for its post-race scuffle, the boys also lament the skype suckiness that lead to the loss of last week’s show, as well as the Fox suckiness that lead to a loss of excitement about Darlington.

Picks from last week:

Rob: Jeff Gordon (35th)

Coach: Carl Edwards (7th)

Picks for the Sprint Showdown

Coach: Martin Truex

Rob: Juan Montoya

Picks for the All-Star Race

Coach: Matt Kenseth (again. Sheesh)

Rob: Kyle Busch (again)

¡Lots ‘o picks!

¡Get ’em while they’re hot!

Tears of Redemption

Our prognostication was in fine form last week, as all but one of our top seeds did well this week.

How will we fare at Talladega? Who knows, it’s a crapshoot.

But more importantly, Trach Schmak takes an superficial in-depth look at the officiating of this week’s race at Richmond.

Picks for next week:

Rob: Clint Bowyer

Coach: Dale Earnhardt Jr.

P.S. Listen to the “bonus” section of the podcast for the source of the title.