Hittin’ the Road, part I – Sonoma

When news breaks, we are here to schmak it! This week, Kenseth looks to hit the road as he is given his walking papers, Danica gets knocked off the road by Jaques Villenueve (I don’t know and don’t really care to check that spelling), and Clint Bowyer comes from the flat back road to the conquer the twisty hills of Sonoma.

With either good or bad coverage by TNT (depending on your viewpoint), we can all agree that road courses deserve a place on the schedule and are important for overall driver skill. At least, that’s what the schmak crew thinks.

Also, something fishy happened with last week’s picks – listen to find out!

Picks for next week at Kentucky:

Coach: Jimmie Johnson
Rob: Matt “Looking for a ride” Kenseth.

Ugly Yellow Cars at Michigan

This week the schmak looks at a race that was interesting to start, and boring at the end… unless you were one of the thousands of Jr. fans in the stands and watching on TV, going Bat-poop insane. Then it was a mountain dew and volka miracle.

My keyboard is extra noisy this week. Also, I say “road rorse”.

Picks for the road next week:

Coach: Marcos Ambrose

Rob: Tony Stewart

2 Good Races, 1 Good Schmak

Two good races and two good schmaks lead up to this week’s schmak. We talk dirty (Prelude to the Dream) and clean (the new and improved Pocono).

And a few easter eggs at the end.

Picks for next week:

Coach: Matt Kenseth (again. Don’t let me down!)

Rob: Denny “The Hammer” Hamlin

Polka-dots at Dover

Jimmie Johnson wore the Afro-circus polka dotted wig and horrendous paint scheme this week, which proves the point that it doesn’t matter what you look like, it’s what’s under the hood that counts. Life lesson. Learned.

This week’s schmak takes a look at Kurt Busch’s suspension, his probably firing, and James Finch’s 180 degree turn in statements.

When he hired Kurt Busch, he said: “I told Kurt, ‘I won’t fire you, and you won’t quit. We’ll do whatever it takes — roll in the mud if we have to to win.’ ”

This week: “If he’s going to kill himself I’m not going to be in the airplane with him. If that’s what he’s planning on doing, I am going to get out.”

Also, Prelude to the Dream. Ray Evernham! Danica Patrick! Tony Stewart! Ryan Newman! Clint Bowyer! and others!

Picks for Pocono:

Rob: Jeff Gordon

Coach: Jimmie Johnson