The Bristol Bash

What a race! What a summer of racing! Great racing means less to complain about, but still plenty to talk about in the schmak of the week.

Picks for next week:

Rob: Jeff Gordon

Coach: Kasey Kahne

Back to the Schmak again… after Michiganagain

We’re back! Lots of topics including Danica at the road courses, great/horrible analysis of the race from ESPN, the new ESPN app, the horribleness that was Indianapolis, mediocreness that was Pocono, the greatness that was Watkins Glen & Montreal, and the pretty-goodness that was Michigan.

Very special note: at the end of this podcast, Rob made me an offer of letting me pick Keselowski if he could pick all three MWR cars. I initially declined, and picked Kyle Busch.

But then reflecting on it and seeing Keselowski’s retro paint scheme for the race made me beg for a change. And so it happened.

So picks have changed – now they are:

Coach: Keselowski

Rob: Truex, Bowyer, & Vickers

I like my chances…