Vickers vs. Hendrick – practice 1

In the latest Track Schmak podcast, we had one of the most lopsided set of picks we’ve had in a long time.

Rob picked Brian Vickers, I picked the lowest 3 Hendrick drivers – i.e., if Jimmie Johnson wins the race and Vickers finishes 2nd, Rob still wins the pool because Vickers was ahead of 3 of the Hendrick drivers. I only win if 2 or more of the Hendrick drivers beat Vickers.

Seemed like a pretty safe bet for me.

But then I saw first practice speeds:

Vickers – 9th quickest.

Kasey Kahne, 8th.
Jeff Gordon, 19th
Dale Earnhardt Jr, 22nd
Jimmie Johnson, 27th

Looks like the Coach curse is back.

One Thought on “Vickers vs. Hendrick – practice 1

  1. I see what you are trying to do there with your reverse jinx – AND IT WON’T WORK!
    – Love Rob

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