Jimmie Johnson – Fontucky Master

Wish I had drafted these before our last Schmak podcast.

Jimmie Johnson has the distinguished achievement of completing every single lap of every single race he’s run at Fontucky. Nobody else running can say that. Even last year, with a failing engine, he was spared by the rain shortened race.

His numbers at Fontucky are amazing:

From 2007, he has the following finishes:

Spring 2007: 3rd
Fall 2007: 1st
Spring 2008: 2nd
Summer 2008: 1st
Spring 2009: 9th
Fall 2009: 1st
Spring 2010: 1st
Fall 2010: 3rd
Spring 2011: 2nd
Spring 2012: 10th (with an engine that was blowing up).

He also won his first ever race at this track in 2002.

He is running pretty strong this year.

In retrospect, I was crazy not to make him my pick for the race this week.

In the last 11 races, he has finished outside of the top 5 twice, and never out of the top 10, and has won 4 of those races.

Average finish of 5.39, best of all active drivers.

Carl Edwards is next with an average finish of 8.73 here. Maybe Edwards would be a good dark horse. I’d pick him before Biffle.

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