Odds at Martinsville change now that Hamlin is out

This comes as no surprise to anyone, but now that Hamlin is out of Martinsville, the Vegas odds on Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon have gotten better.

Because of Hamlin’s absence, Johnson’s opening odds at the LVH SuperBook shrunk from what was expected to be about 5-to-1 down to 7-to-2. Instead of Gordon being 6-to-1, he’s been posted at 5-to-1.

Source: sportingnews.com.

Seems obvious, so the question is, what about a surprise driver? Say, Kurt Busch, who’s been on a pretty big tear in the 78 car?

At 100 to 1, he could be a big money maker. Assuming he doesn’t have another meltdown, equipment failure, a Tony Stewart style block, Logano vs. Stewart aftermath, or the like.

On second thoughts, save your money.

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