Pit crew challenge cancelled due to lack of sponsorship

This one may have flown under the radar, but apparently, one of the coolest off-track things in NASCAR has been cancelled this year because of lack of sponsorship.

Jayski reports:

NASCAR will not conduct its All-Star Pit Crew Challenge this year as it was unable to land sponsorship for the event. The event, a staple of NASCAR’s all-star week since 2005, featured pit crews competing in an arena setting where they would jack cars, change tires and push cars across the arena floor.

Craftsman and then Sprint had sponsored the pit crew challenge throughout the years, but Sprint reallocated its money to sponsor the season-opening exhibition Sprint Unlimited race at Daytona International Speedway.

I can’t help but speculate that sponsors didn’t want to pony up $$ because this wasn’t shown on TV in a timely manner. Results were announced almost immediately, while the TV airing happened weeks later. I mean, I’ve never watched one of these because I never knew when it was on, and it was already old news.

And you know that Sprint got a LOT more coverage and viewer eyeballs for the Sprint Unlimited crap. A LOT more. Wise move for Sprint, sucks for NASCAR.

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