Pit Road map for the Coke 600

Looking at the pit road map for the Coke 600 tomorrow, I noticed a little bit of an unusual pattern in pit selection.

Below is a modified pit road selection chart:

Coke600Pit 2013

The first 4 qualifiers are marked with a red number signifying their qualifying position. No real surprise there – the pole sitter Denny Hamlin took the #1 pit stall. 2nd place took the first pit stall that had an opening in front (for better pit exit), and so did the 3rd place qualifier, and the 4th place.

Then, 5th – 7th picked pit stalls that had an opening behind (for better pit entry).

But what surprised me a little was the fact that the 9-13th place drivers all picked pits near the back of pit road. Not until you get to 14th, 15th, and 16th picks do you see cars in the front of pit road.

Finally – used to be that the top 20 cars generally occupied stalls at the front of the pit road, and the slower (expected to be a lap down) cars took the back. However, in this map, it seems like there are “slower” cars almost every other pit stall from front to back of pit road (32 car in 6th position, 35 in 8th, 13 in 10th, etc…).


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