Driver Swap

Last week, JTG Daugherty racing announced that they hired AJ Allmendinger to replace Bobby Labonte in the #47 Toyota for 4 or so races.

“We’ve kind of gone backward the last three years,” co-owner Brad Daugherty said. “We can’t exactly put a finger on it without being able to benchmark it against a second team. It’s really hard. He’s available, so we thought we’d stick him in there to see if he has a different perspective on what we’re doing and what we’re not doing.”

I don’t really see how Allmendinger, with his limited stock car experience, is going to provide better feedback than Labonte. Maybe “different” is all they were looking for. Unless they just got tired of mowing the grass.

Anyway, this week Labonte announced that he will now drive the #51 Chevy that Allmendinger recently vacated. So at least he’ll keep his streak of 703 consecutive starts alive.

It’ll be interesting to see who runs better during the races, and who actually manages to put together some decent finishes.

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