Stewart not on board with fourth car expansion


“I didn’t have really a chance to talk to Tony about it at all since he wasn’t really talking to anybody,” Haas said. “So I kind of did this on my own, probably overstepped my authority a tick there. I’m not used to having too many authorities to work with; I’ve been pretty much on my own. I did realize that Tony might be a little bit upset about it.”

When finally told of the expansion plans Stewart was a “little upset” said Haas, who also acknowledged that he “bent a few rules” in his quest to sign Busch. Stewart even told his partner that he wasn’t against the idea of adding a fourth car but to wait until the infrastructure was in place at SHR to house four teams.

This is turning into a big mess.

Will they be ready to field 4 competitive cars next year? Maybe. Shop space has to be cleared and setup, teams have to be hired and start training, all sorts of other logistics need to ironed out.

Looks to be an interesting year coming up. And by “interesting”, I mean lots of conflict behind the scenes.

“My main goal here is to win races. I think Tony’s main goal is not only to win races but to run a successful business. I’m more interested in seeing the winning part of it. Maybe Tony is going to be more the businessman now.”

Them’s fightin’ words!

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