What happens to the chase if Kenseth wins it?

Back in 2003, when Kenseth won his (so far) only championship, he did it by being consistent over the entire year, leading the points from the 4th race till the end of the season, and clinching the championship with 2 or 3 races left in the season, with only 1 win to his credit.

For 2004 – NASCAR instituted the “Matt Kenseth rule” of awarding more bonus points for wins, and also the most drastic change in the sports history by adding the chase. The underlying sentiment being that the guy who wins 1 race over the whole season shouldn’t be champion over the guy who won 8 (Ryan Newman).

It’s a bogus sentiment, but I believe that’s what prompted the change to the chase (that, and also trying to compete in TV ratings with football).

This year, with the incredible roll that Kenseth is on, he entered the first race of the chase leading the points, and has only increased his lead by winning the first two races.

So the question I have is: If Kenseth stinks up the chase and clinches the title with 2 races to go, never loses the lead, and wins a bunch more races, what will NASCAR do in reaction?

I have absolutely no confidence that they will do what is best for the sport.

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