Vivare, da Venizia

This week’s all new, late night schmak-a-ganza discusses remote race watching (on a plane!), and the big three races this weekend – F1 at Monaco, Indy cars at Indianapolis, and NASCAR at Charlotte for the longest race of the year. This is the first time our picks finished 1-2 this year.

Next week at Dover, we should pick Jimmie Johnson. However, we actually picked:

Rob: Kevin Harvick
Coach: Jeff Gordon

All-Star Format Farce

We schmak the “all-star” race, and then come up with a much better version. Hint: using Iowa speedway, invite top drivers from all top tiers of NASCAR, manufacturers battle, and HEAT RACES!

Also, some news and stuff happened.

Picks for the 600:

Coach: Kevin Harvick
Rob: Jimmie Johnson

Last week in Kanseth

We schmak all things Kansas, including Clint Bowyer, Danica Patrick, Kevin Harvick vs. Tony Stewart as mentor, NBC hockey coverage vs. FOX, Iowa Speedway news, and lots more!

Picks for the “Sprint Showdown” (i.e., second tier race)
Coach: Kyle Larson
Rob: Danica Patrick

Picks for the All Star Race (i.e., the real race)
Coach: Kasey Kahne
Rob: Joey Logano

My Ding-A-Ling

This week, we schmaked all that happened at Talladega (not much) and a bit about Bowyers new dingy, and all other sorts of things that may or may not happen at the Kansas mother’s day eve night race.

Picks for next week:
Coach: Matt Kenseth
Rob: Brad Keselowski

Sub picks (growler of beer wager):
Coach: Kasey Kahne
Rob: Joey Logano

Bubbling Ball of Melted Plastic

A race was held. Things happened. Tires blew up again. Richmond was great, but what do we have to look forward to at Talladega?

Picks for next week:

Rob – Jeff Gordon
Coach – David Ragan