Chase Not Ready Spaghetti!

An amazing race deserves an amazing schmak. Here is this week’s schmak instead – topics include Newman’s Silent-But-Deadly points racing, Brian “The Sheriff” Vickers laying down the law, and all of the racing, points-ing, and chase-ing that happened. Also, Dale Jr. seemed happy.

Picks for the Texas:
Rob: Jeff Gordon
Coach: Kyle Busch

Chase Collapse!

We schmak the collapse of Jr. and Johnson at Talladega, the Newman inspection failure, and all the news thats worth schmaking this week, plus make our picks for Martinsville next week.


Rob: Jeff Gordon
Coach: Kevin Harvick

Chase Clash!

This week, we schmak the wild ending of the Charlotte chase race, Tony Stewart’s temper flare up, and make wild guesses for the unpredictable Talladega race. Will it be a snooze fest? Will desperation sneak in? Who knows!


Coach: Dale Jr.
Rob: Matt Kenseth

Chase shakeup!

Kansas happened. Well, life happened, and then also Kansas. Lots of non-Tony Stewart news this week, and a chase format that made an otherwise boring race interesting all the way through.

Picks for next week:

Rob: Jimmie Johnson
Coach: Kevin Harvick