Chase Finale!

In our final schmak of the year, we look at what happened at Homestead, and how the fantasy points played out.

In Yahoo Fantasy, Rob finished the playoffs and season in 1st, Coach finished the playoffs in 2nd and 3rd in the season.

In Schmak picks, Coach finished in 1st with 23 points vs Rob’s 15 points.

Chase Elimination!

We schmak the mostly boring race at Phoenix, talk about fight culture in NASCAR, and go through our feels regarding the possibility of each of the final four becoming champion. Also – yahoo fantasy is heating up for this final race.


Coach: Kevin Harvick
Rob: Jeff Gordon

Chase Brawl!


This week we schmak the schmaking that happened instead of a race at Texas. We apologize in advance for some audio quality issues – both of us had loud fans or A/C going in the background and noise removal techniques created a sub optimal sound.

Picks for next week at Phoenix:

Coach: Kevin Harvick
Rob: Brad Keselowski

Also, here is a picture that we talk about in the podcast: