Older, Whiter, Stupider at Daytona S5E2

This week we schmak the race and so-called broadcast, along with a few other things in the news.

• Busch Free Daytona.

• Travis Kvapil gets a pass?!

• Jeremy Mayfield… what’s up with him?

• The guy who shot the splitter? Tim Brewer!

• Also, Rob swears a few times.

Picks for next week:

Rob: Jeff Gordon
Coach: Kyle Larson

Daytona 2015 – Season 5, Episode 1

NASCAR is back, which means we’re back! For at least one more year. Ball’s in your court, NASCAR. Err, anyway, we schmak the offseason news, Jeff Gordon’s impending retirement, the NEW FANTASY HOO-HA at nascar.com – make sure to pick the Fantasy Live, and go to league “TRACK SCHMAK FANTASY HOO-HA” to join in.

Schmak picks for Daytona 500:

Coach: Matt Kenseth
Rob: Jeff “Single tear because I’m retiring” Gordon