TrackSchmak Extravoganza

This week, we had some of our favorite listeners join us in a epic episode of the schmak. Despite being an “off week” for racing, we found plenty to talk about, including:

The Race Team Alliance – how is NASCAR responding?
Tony Stewart wins first Sprint Car race.
Penske winning 5 races this year.
Is Jimmie still a good pick at Indy?
Chase Elliot winning at Chicago.
And drivers who don’t have a win – who will be likely to get a win before the chase?

Picks for this week:

Listener Analese: Tony Stewart
Bitter Bros Racing: Jeff Gordon
Listener Nick: Jimmie Johnson
Coach: Dale Jr.
Rob: Kyle Larson

Entitlement Complex

This week, we schmak the magical dice pick that was Coach’s Daytona driver Aric Almirola, Joey Logano’s sense of entitlement, New Hampshire overall, and announce next week’s call in guest show (Tuesday, 6pm pacific).

No picks for next week as there is not a race next weekend.

Rolling the Dice

This week we schmak what little happened at Kans– err, Kentucky. NEW FEATURE: “If the Chase Started Today” – we prognosticate who would do well, who wouldn’t, and who might make it in down the road. A little bit all over the place, really. Anyway, that, and some interesting logic for our fantasy auto-racing picks. Or to put it in SEO terms – “You won’t believe how Coach made his picks”.

Picks for Daytona:

Rob: Dale Jr. (solid choice)
Coach: Aric Almirola (???)

I’ll Eat the Chicken

This week, we schmak that which was schmak-able at Sonoma, and offer up some insight (out-sight?) into the KFC secret recipe as we preview the Quaker State 400 at Kentucky.


Rob: Jeff Gordon
Coach: Joey Logano

Summer Doldrums

We’re back! This episode is a catch up spectacularrrrrrrrrrrr, including news, silliness, and everybody’s favorite, Track Schmack Theatre!

Picks for Sonoma:
Rob: Jimmie Johnson
Coach: Joey Logano (why? I don’t know, really).

Vivare, da Venizia

This week’s all new, late night schmak-a-ganza discusses remote race watching (on a plane!), and the big three races this weekend – F1 at Monaco, Indy cars at Indianapolis, and NASCAR at Charlotte for the longest race of the year. This is the first time our picks finished 1-2 this year.

Next week at Dover, we should pick Jimmie Johnson. However, we actually picked:

Rob: Kevin Harvick
Coach: Jeff Gordon

All-Star Format Farce

We schmak the “all-star” race, and then come up with a much better version. Hint: using Iowa speedway, invite top drivers from all top tiers of NASCAR, manufacturers battle, and HEAT RACES!

Also, some news and stuff happened.

Picks for the 600:

Coach: Kevin Harvick
Rob: Jimmie Johnson

Last week in Kanseth

We schmak all things Kansas, including Clint Bowyer, Danica Patrick, Kevin Harvick vs. Tony Stewart as mentor, NBC hockey coverage vs. FOX, Iowa Speedway news, and lots more!

Picks for the “Sprint Showdown” (i.e., second tier race)
Coach: Kyle Larson
Rob: Danica Patrick

Picks for the All Star Race (i.e., the real race)
Coach: Kasey Kahne
Rob: Joey Logano

My Ding-A-Ling

This week, we schmaked all that happened at Talladega (not much) and a bit about Bowyers new dingy, and all other sorts of things that may or may not happen at the Kansas mother’s day eve night race.

Picks for next week:
Coach: Matt Kenseth
Rob: Brad Keselowski

Sub picks (growler of beer wager):
Coach: Kasey Kahne
Rob: Joey Logano

Bubbling Ball of Melted Plastic

A race was held. Things happened. Tires blew up again. Richmond was great, but what do we have to look forward to at Talladega?

Picks for next week:

Rob – Jeff Gordon
Coach – David Ragan

Multi-zone schmak

This week’s schmak covers Darlington briefly, the new multi-zone tire for Richmond, and all the news that’s fit to podcast from the last two weeks.

Picks for Richmond:

Rob: Matt Kenseth
Coach: Kevin Harvick

A year of rain

The race was a day late, and so is the schmak. Topics covered include the stupid yellow/green start, changes to the Fox ticker, jet dryers damaging race cars, the new TiVo Roamio experience, Kevin Harvick’s continued troubles, and more.

Picks for next week:

Rob: Matt Kenseth
Coach: Denny Hamlin

Check Out the Big Blog on Brad

This week’s schmak reviews the best race of the season (spoiler, it was good) at Martinsville, then tries to (mostly unsuccessfully) predict the Texas race top finishers.

And of course all the good things you’ve come to expect and love from the trackschmak podcast crew, including live listener feedback.

Picks for next week at Texas:

Coach: Jimmie Johnson

Rob: Joey Logano

Keep yer tires up and yer tabs open

This week we schmak the tire-gate of the Fontana race, the infection-gate of the Hamlin eyeball (including some of the popular Trackschmak Theatre), the camber-gate from Fox Broadcasting’s “Department of Misinformation” (i.e. Waltrip), the Drive for Diversity program, Coach’s absolutely terrible fantasy roster, and more…!

Picks for next week at Martinsville:

Coach: Brad Keselowski
Rob: Jamie McMurray

NOTE: we made an agreement to not pick Jimmie Johnson or Jeff Gordon because those two essentially own the racing at Martinsville, and we thought it’d be more fun to pick someone who fits the criteria of being not-Jimmie and not-Jeff.

Fox Sports One Racing – “The Ocho”

What happens when a great race goes on a channel that very few people can see? Anger. Anger is what happens.

We schmak the race, the networks, the lack of online viewing options, a quick Danica update, and more! Lots more!

Also, a preview of the Fontana race and our picks:

Coach: Carl Edwards (why?)
Rob: Jeff Gordon

Cooling Down Qualifying

This week we talk changes to qualifying, news of the week, some stuff about Danica, and preview our fantasy picks for Bristol.


Rob: Brad Keselowski (again)
Coach: Brian Vickers

Desert Rage

Lots of rage this week, and none of it is directly related to the race.

Topics include Mark Garrow’s new(ish?) podcast, qualifying format issues, NASCAR’s implicit support of Arizona’s proposed pro-discrimination law, and a whole host of other topics and rages.

Picks for next week:

Coach: Jimmie Johnson
Rob: Brad Keselowski

And He Shall Be Known as Awesome Jones

On this week’s rant laden schmak, we talk about the awful pre-race farcical “human interest” stories, the smattering of news, our fantasy pick results (we did terribly), and picks for the Phoenix race.

Coach: Kevin Harvick

Rob: Carl Edwards

There’s a race this Sunday – who knew?

Hello all, and welcome back to Season 4 of the TrackSchmak podcast. We’re now more of a preview show – prognosticating about what’s going to happen so you can win your fantasy pools and have a more engaging race-watching experience.

In this episode, we go over NASCAR’s lack of marketing, the new chase format, Daytona aero package rules, sprint car safety advancements, and the new yahoo fantasy group.

Picks for this week at Daytona:

Rob: Matt Kenseth

Coach: Jeff Gordon

Unleash the Busch at Homestead

Our final episode of the season has finally arrived!

No race to watch today? Hole in your schedule? Put us in your ear holes and get your weekly NASCAR fix!

We schmak the t-shirt pickup party, the schmak alternate reality chase elimination race, and layout the three things NASCAR needs to do to start growing again. Also, the race (kind of) at Homestead.

Coach wins the race by race pick pool, Rob wins the end of year championship pick pool.

So we’re all winners!

Keep checking the site for updates and whatnot, or just put us in your rss reader.

Either way, we will see you soon.

Or, more correctly, you will hear from us soon enough.

Also – the podcast artwork has changed to this:

It may take a short while for iTunes to update it’s feed to reflect this.