Schmak Chase Elimination update

Here at the schmak, we’re doing an alternate race for the chase thing, by eliminating the lowest finishing chase driver from our field in each chase race. As of 11/17/2013 Homestead:

Chicagoland eliminated Joey Logano.
New Hampshire eliminated Kasey Kahne.
Dover eliminated Carl Edwards.
Kansas eliminated Ryan Newman.
Charlotte eliminated Greg Biffle.
Talladega eliminated Matt Kenseth.
Martinsville eliminated Kurt Busch.
Texas eliminated Jeff Gordon.
Phoenix eliminated Clint Bowyer.

Homestead eliminated Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick, and Kyle Busch

Your 2013 Trackschmak elimination challenge champion is Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Yep, America’s driver Dale Earnhardt Jr would have won this year’s championship if it had been an elimination format.

Take that, Brian France.

Tanking in Phoenix – the Kenseth Calamity

The 20 team blew it this week, and we schmaked it.

Also news of the week, including Trevor Bane, Mark Martin’s retirement? (again), Jeff Burton’s plans, MWR’s plans (are they one and the same?), and Travis Pastrana quitting NASCAR.

Picks for next week:

Coach: Brad Keselowski

Rob: Kevin Harvick

Racing, or lack-thereof, in Texas

Not much happened on the track, but we still found plenty of schlock to schmak about.

It’s a fun, almost end-of-the-season schmak.

Picks for next week:

Rob: Brad Keselowski
Coach: Dale Jr.

Childress – epitome of class

I had heard that Richard Childress egged on one of the Dillon kids to wreck Harvick under caution at Martinsville, but I finally saw a transcript at (yet another good piece by Amy Henderson):

Over the radio to Dillion:

“Turn his ass upside down. Don’t take no $#!&.’‘

This is what Childress said after the incident:

(“We’re still rolling.”) but also said he was “very disappointed” in Harvick.

“That’s all I can say,” Childress said. “I’ve got too much class to say what I want to say right now. When I say it, I will say it to his face.”

You stay classy, Richard.

Crewman who threw a sledgehammer suspended

From yahoo sports:

After Harvick and Dillon crashed late in the race, Harvick — who currently drives for RCR in the Sprint Cup Series — stopped in Dillon’s pit box out of frustration. Dillon’s crew angrily confronted Harvick to get him out of the way and a sledgehammer came out of nowhere from the direction of the pit box.

Guess they figured out where “nowhere” was, and his name is Adam Brown.

Absolute Perfection – Martinsville

A spectacular race deserves a spectacular schmak! Instead, we offer this week’s schmak, dealing with such issues as the Kevin Harvick and Richard Childress remarks, the racing, and of course, the schmak t-shirt party, now scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 17th, at Cronies Sports Grill!

Picks for next week at Texas:

Coach: Kyle Busch
Rob: Dale Jr.

Covering 101 Damnations at Talladega

This week we cover the news of the Air Titan’s palns for 2014, Todd Parrot’s parties of 2013, Elephant hunting parties of 2012 (and Go Daddy “commitments”), and a whole lot of stuff.

Also, the boring race with the bored announcers allowed us to produce one of the best ever episodes of the schmak.

Picks for Martinsville 2:

Coach: Jeff Gordon

Rob: Kyle Busch

Keepin’ up with the Schmakers at Charlotte

Happy 100th episode y’all!

We celebrate like we started – late, drunk, and mostly off-topic.

This episode has everything – songs, rants, and all sorts of late night hilarity.

Picks for next week at Talladega:

Coach: Jamie McMurray
Rob: Matt Kenseth

Truex to the 78, officially

Long rumored, finally confirmed. Expect an actual announcement on Tuesday the 22nd. No word on NAPA at all.

MWR down to 2 full time cars in 2014

From sbnation

The fallout from the biggest cheating scandal in NASCAR history continues, as Michael Waltrip Racing will downsize from three full-time teams to two for the 2014 Sprint Cup season.

Martin Truex Jr. and his crew chief have been told they are free to look for employment elsewhere officially.

Unofficially, they’ve been looking ever since the Richmond scandal.

Bad news for about 15% of the MWR staff who will not have a job in a month or two.

Brain Vickers out for the rest of 2013 due to blood clots

Sad news from jayski:

Brian Vickers to miss the rest of the 2013 season: Michael Waltrip Racing learned today that Brian Vickers is not available to race for the remainder of the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup season due to health issues. Vickers said Dr. William Downey has placed him on blood thinning medication after a Monday morning examination on his right leg discovered a small blood clot in his calf region. The medications will keep Vickers out of the #55 Aaron’s Toyota the remainder of the season, effective immediately. Vickers said his physicians are confident he will be able to resume activity before the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup season begins.

What was a bad year for MWR has just gotten even worse.

Domestic Abuse: Kvapil – Arrested, Released, Still Racing

We talked about this a little bit on our latest schmak, but didn’t know a lot about the situation. Now some alleged facts have emerged, and, if true, sounds worse:

According to court records reviewed by The Sporting News, Kvapil allegedly pulled his wife into a bedroom by her hair and struck her in the head. He is not permitted to return home and can only contact his wife by phone or email on matters concerning their children.

Pulled her hair and punched her in the head. What did he have to say for himself?

Kvapil, who will race Saturday night at Charlotte Motor Speedway, apologized to BK Racing, NASCAR, fans and “anyone else that was impacted by Tuesday night.”

His wife & children aren’t specifically named. Perhaps they’re part of the “anyone else”.

“Obviously, there was a domestic situation Tuesday night with my wife. Regret that that happened,” he said after qualifying 41st Thursday night.

“there was a domestic situation” – no, he pulled his wife by the hair and punched her. That’s assault. Jerk.

“Regret that that happened” – there’s no “I” in that statement. Taking no blame. No apologies.

“Because it is a family, personal matter, we ask for respect and privacy in this situation and we try to work it out together as a family. I’m obviously embarrassed about the situation. I don’t like the negative effects that it has brought on.”

“…don’t like the negative effects” – I’m sure his wife didn’t like the negative effects of a fist to the face either. Jerk.

“It’s been tough. I guess you really find out your true friends, your supporters,” Kvapil said.

So Kvapil is trying to be a victim here. Not a lot of people want to be associated with a wife-beater. Hopefully his “true friends” are the ones telling him how he screwed up and how to apologize and such. Anyone unquestioningly standing by him at this point is not a “true friend”.

“It’s been quite an eye-opening experience.

I bet it was for his wife, too. Especially after he punched her.

Been through some things I definitely don’t ever want to go through again.

He’s the one who put both of them through all these things. Again, trying be the victim. Jerk.

I should add that to be fair, the full facts of the situation haven’t been divulged, and might not ever be divulged. But no matter what the circumstances are leading up to the assault, this whole situation could have been avoided by simply not pulling his wife by the hair into another room and then striking her in the head.

And of course, the 83 and 93 BK racing teams were sporting the logos of Domestic Violence Awareness Month – starting this week. Still, he will be racing this weekend, despite his “I’m kind of a victim too” non-apology “apology”.

Sophisticated Multi-Zone Dual Compound Podcast – at Kansas

This week we take on the race at Kansas, and schmak a bunch of news, including the Kvapil wife-beating incident.

Picks for next week at Charlotte:

Coach: Kevin Harvick
Rob: Kurt Busch

Continuing to Cheapen the Coverage at Dover

This week we ask the question that everyone should be asking – has there been any improvement to the TV coverage since 2001?

Also, we schmak the race, the championship, and the alternate reality elimination championship.

Picks for next week:

Coach: Clint Bowyer
Rob: Martin Truex Jr.

What happens to the chase if Kenseth wins it?

Back in 2003, when Kenseth won his (so far) only championship, he did it by being consistent over the entire year, leading the points from the 4th race till the end of the season, and clinching the championship with 2 or 3 races left in the season, with only 1 win to his credit.

For 2004 – NASCAR instituted the “Matt Kenseth rule” of awarding more bonus points for wins, and also the most drastic change in the sports history by adding the chase. The underlying sentiment being that the guy who wins 1 race over the whole season shouldn’t be champion over the guy who won 8 (Ryan Newman).

It’s a bogus sentiment, but I believe that’s what prompted the change to the chase (that, and also trying to compete in TV ratings with football).

This year, with the incredible roll that Kenseth is on, he entered the first race of the chase leading the points, and has only increased his lead by winning the first two races.

So the question I have is: If Kenseth stinks up the chase and clinches the title with 2 races to go, never loses the lead, and wins a bunch more races, what will NASCAR do in reaction?

I have absolutely no confidence that they will do what is best for the sport.

Kesneth, wins last 2 races, now wins practice 1 at Dover

That team has stepped up an already impressive effort.

Friday practice for the AAA 400 Sprint Cup Series race at Dover International Speedway is over, after 90 scheduled minutes, the top five, slowest and notes:
#20-Kenseth 163.473
#56-Truex Jr. 162.859
#22-Logano 162.624
#78-Busch 162.521
#18-Busch 162.506

5-hour energy back for 2014 with Bowyer

I’m sure Clint Bowyer is feeling a tiny bit more relieved now that 5-Hour energy has re-upped.

Incidentally, in the company president Scott Henderson’s widely reported quote:

“There’s a lot of talk about integrity,” he said. “When the guy who’s in charge can say, ‘I can do whatever I want and I’m going to do it and I just did,’ I wonder about integrity.

…it was unclear if he was referring to MWR or NASCAR’s Brian France. From the affirmation of sponsorship in 2014, it seems a little more obvious that it was aimed at Brian France and his “magical” fix of 13 chasers.

Hold on to your sponsors! New Hampshire edition.

This week we schmak about all things chase, sponsorship, New Hampshire race, you know, all the things that there are to schmak about.

Picks for next week:
Rob: Jeff Gordon
Coach: Jimmie Johnson

Our picks for the championship are currently 1-2 in the standings, and another chase driver has been erased in disgrace from our Alternate Race in the Chase.

For those playing the home game, we take the lowest finishing chase driver and eliminate him from the competition, which will leave us with 4 drivers competing for the title at Homestead (would have been 3 without the extra chaser).

After the second race in the chase, we have the following drivers still in the chase:

Matt Kenseth
Jimmie Johnson
Kyle Busch
Kevin Harvick
Carl Edwards
Greg Biffle
Clint Bowyer
Dale Earnheardt Jr.
Kurt Busch
Ryan Newman
Jeff Gordon

Elminated so far:
Joey Logano (eliminated race 1 – Chicagoland)
Kasey Kahne (eliminated race 2 – New Hampshire)

Drivers approve of the new restart rules

Video from

Salient point – Jimmie Johnson effectively said that the new restart rule means that there is less of a chance for the leader to game the restart and force the 2nd place car to lift.

Mucking with the rules at Chicagoland

Recorded on Monday night, it took me until now to edit this thing and post it. Big week.

Anyway, we offer our punchy, tired, and yet very entertaining take on all the changes announced right before (and during) the race at Chicagoland.

We also discuss our mutual misunderstanding about who was picking whom for the chase championship (spoiler: neither of us wanted Carl Edwards).

New picks for the chase:
Rob: Matt Kenseth (most likely to win)
Coach: Kyle Busch (gotta pick someone).

Also – T-shirts have arrived! Party Planning to commence.

Picks for next week at New Hampshire:

Coach: Kurt Busch
Rob: Jimmie Johnson