Put this in your gyro cam and schmak it

This week’s schmak, hot on the heels of the Daytona race weekend, covers a lot of ground. We debate the naming of the duals, not once acknowledging the difference in spelling between “dual” and “duel”. We also started a new segment (well, continued an old one, but now with a name!) called “NASCAR, you’re welcome” – this week, we discussed a way in which qualifying races could spice up race weekends. We also talked about that Nationwide wreck, the Daytona 500, the gyro cam, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Jr’s surge, and Danica’s great “rookie” performance. All this and more, in the schmak. Picks for next week: Rob: Mark Martin Coach: Danica Patrick (total bandwagon pick)

Daytona Fire-hundred

Daytona has been raced, wrecked, burned, and now schmaked!

Monday night race? Was a new precedent set?

How about that explosion?

We were wrong about the Rouschers (especially Biffle), some social media snafus, and more!

Also, picks for next week:

Coach: Carl Edwards

Rob: Ryan Newman