Speaking of returning…

NASCAR has reinstated Jeremy Clements (the driver who said “drive like an n-word, get treated like an n-word” to a reporter) after he completed “diversity counseling”.

It sort of reeks of B.S. – not sure two weeks of “diversity counseling” (whatever that means) actually changed his mind. I have a feeling that the two weeks of suspension made a much stronger point.

However, I do think NASCAR was put in a tough position. They can’t just have a driver say something like that and not do anything about it. This could have easily turned into a giant circus, but instead they took a strong stance and “made it go away” long enough for the media to forget about it.

The time it took to setup and complete the “diversity counseling” was probably just the right amount of time for the media storm to die down. So, problem solved, I guess.

Source: sbnation.com