Restart Shenanigans

From Jayski:

“I felt like Carl didn’t follow the restart protocol and was slower than the pace car on his last two restarts, and it gives the leader a huge advantage when that happens,” Johnson said. “You’re supposed to wait until you get between the two lines and take off and this was all going on before it. You’re supposed to maintain the speed of the pace car, so I maintained the speed of the pace car and the 99 (of Edwards) is dropping back.”

Au contraire, Edwards says. He believes Johnson was speeding up. “I thought, ‘Man, he’s playing some kind of trick, he’s speeding up,'” Edwards said about the final restart. “I thought, ‘What’s he doing? Usually the guy in second hangs back a little bit and tries to watch, and he pulled up there, and I thought, ‘Man, why is he doing that.’ Yeah, so maybe I was slowing down, but I wasn’t trying to.”

Jimmie always wants to win, and complains when he feels like he is unfairly denied a chance. But is it warranted?

In my observation, the pack almost always speeds up a little after the pace car pulls in. When they have the trackers on the cars, you can almost always see speeds go from 65 to 70 or 75. So it can be a bit disruptive when the leader doesn’t speed up, or even goes from 65 to 60.

Jeff Gordon does this all the time when he’s leading on a restart, why can’t Carl Edwards?

In this case, I don’t see what Jimmie is complaining about.