Speaking of returning…

NASCAR has reinstated Jeremy Clements (the driver who said “drive like an n-word, get treated like an n-word” to a reporter) after he completed “diversity counseling”.

It sort of reeks of B.S. – not sure two weeks of “diversity counseling” (whatever that means) actually changed his mind. I have a feeling that the two weeks of suspension made a much stronger point.

However, I do think NASCAR was put in a tough position. They can’t just have a driver say something like that and not do anything about it. This could have easily turned into a giant circus, but instead they took a strong stance and “made it go away” long enough for the media to forget about it.

The time it took to setup and complete the “diversity counseling” was probably just the right amount of time for the media storm to die down. So, problem solved, I guess.

Source: sbnation.com

Jeff Burton speaking freely

From SBNation.com. I cracked up at the first sentence:

Jeff Burton has long been known for being a straight shooter. While younger drivers like Brad Keselowski and Denny Hamlin try to find the perfect balance between honesty and tact, Burton carries with him an aura of respect.

When has Brad Keselowski ever been tactful? And Hamlin just got fined. I would have picked other drivers to compare against when I want to make my driver look more outspoken.

However, this quote caught my eye:

“I think the Gen-6 car is mostly hype. You’re never going to get these cars to pass as long as we’re running 200 mph on speedways where it’s easy to get spread out. People just have to understand that it’s not meant to be easy to pass. I think increasing the downforce and adding grip will improve the racing but only marginally.”

Expect a call from NASCAR any day now for that one.


I believe that having more short tracks would mean an increase in more entertaining races. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that short tracks represent a better quality of racing. You see that every Saturday night at your local speedway.

JEFF BURTON AGREES WITH ME ABOUT SHORT TRACKS! ARE YOU LISTENING NASCAR? Also, he says I’m probably not a rocket scientist. Fair ’nuff.

So, Denny Hamlin saying “the Gen-6 car doesn’t race as well as the Gen-5 car because we haven’t figured it out yet” is cause for a fine, yet Jeff Burton calling the Gen-6 “mostly hype” is allowed to stand unchallenged? I guess SBNation is lucky that it didn’t also do a live TV broadcast.

Phoenix is not a short track

One of the points covered in the latest DW quoting podcast “A Constellation Prize of a Short Track“, I made the point that Phoenix isn’t a short track. It’s a mile in length, it’s pretty fast, and is super aero dependent. Unbeknownst to me, SBNation.com writer Matt Weaver made the same point on his article “Don’t Call Phoenix a Short Track“.

Great minds and all that.