Are we supposed to believe this?

So, have you seen the “Pepsi MAX – Jeff Gordon” video?

It’s probably pretty obvious that the salesman was a little too quick to go from “I’m calling the cops” to “Let’s go again”. And the Pepsi can in the car – no comment? He had to be in on the joke.

But more importantly, did you notice that there was never a single shot of Jeff Gordon actually driving, except for the first two start/stop things? Smells like a stunt driver.

Also, at 3:01, there’s a very obvious Jeff Gordon voice over. Silly commercials, trying to be “real” and go “viral”.

UPDATE: Fakery semi-confirmed (no one should be surprised by this).

UPDATE 2: From a article

The debate quickly ensued over whether the video was real, partly staged or an outright fake. Gordon didn’t do his own driving, though he said he thought he could “pull off 90 percent of it,” but no matter how contrived the short film was or wasn’t, the court of YouTube opinion has judged it an online hit.

Atlanta Schmackanta

Atlanta happened. And so did some other stuff, like Jeff Gordon’s regret, Matt Kenseth’s revival at Gibbs, and Joey Logano’s release to Penske, among other things.

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