Atlanta Schmackanta

Atlanta happened. And so did some other stuff, like Jeff Gordon’s regret, Matt Kenseth’s revival at Gibbs, and Joey Logano’s release to Penske, among other things.

Picks for next week:

Rob: Clint Bowyer
Coach: Kevin Harvick

The race within the race within the race at Loudon

It was a race between Coach’s guy (Jimmie Johnson) and Rob’s guy (Clint Bowyer), and also between Rob’s guy and Rob’s alternate guy (Kasey Kahne). Even though Rob won the pool, he still lost the race within the race within the race. Also, who knew Kasey Kahne could triathalon faster than Jimmie Johnson? Chad Norris, that’s who.

Also in this week’s episode, more Denny Hamlin impressions, and a little bonus booth audio.

Picks for next week

Rob: Jamie McMurray (going on a limb)
Coach: Matt Kenseth (back to the safety driver)