Double the schmak in half the time – Kentona!

Special circumstances caused us to not record last week, and our first attempt this week was met with horrendous Skype issues. So to get this one out, we recorded at different locations with a different chat program. Take a listen to see how it turned out.

For the record, this is the Jack Roush quote I was trying to find:

“If I was as diligent on that end as I am about finding out why a fuel pump broke, I might have been able to stop it,” Roush said. “From my standpoint, he will be moving to the dark side. But the friendship part for us will survive. I’ve not lost respect for Matt and I hope he hasn’t for me. I’ve enjoyed the 15 years with Matt and the success he’s had as a driver. He is a cornerstone here and his DNA is all over this organization.”

First, eww, second, he says “dark side” – i.e. Toyota, third, he basically says that he pays more attention to a fuel pump than his star driver. Leadership error to go along with his pilot error, I guess.

Anyway, the rest of the podcast is filled with all sorts of stuff – discussion about back problems (Hamlin), drug problems (Allmendinger), cheating problems (Stewart and Dillon), plus the usual schmakery foolery.

Picks for Loudon:

Coach: Jimmie Johnson
Rob: Clint Bowyer