TRD Engines?

“TRD working to 24/7 to resolve engine issues” is the headline on

At first glance, it may look like a Joe Gibbs Racing problem rather than Toyota as a whole, as JGR drivers are the ones who have had visible engine problems.

Matt Kenseth had an engine blow up while leading the Daytona 500, and at Phoenix, Denny Hamlin had an engine that had a fatal valve problem only 61 laps into it’s life. Kyle Busch had human error destroy his engine:

In effort to improve reliability, Wilson said the springs in TRD engines are changed the night before a race. One of those was replaced incorrectly in Busch’s Phoenix engine, which cause something to snap in the drive train when it was restarted on Sunday morning.


However, some Michael Waltrip Racing cars also saw similar valve train issues at Daytona. These did not prove fatal to the engines during the race, however, so they flew under the radar.

But either way, the JGR drivers are frustrated. Denny Hamlin said it best:

After learning that Busch also had to change engines at Phoenix, Hamlin tweeted a succinct message Sunday: “Sigh … Unreal.”

Cup drivers to the back in Nationwide races

SBNation posted an opinion that all Cup drivers who are competing in a Nationwide race should start at the back.

I agree.