Half the turtles, Twice the Schmak at Charlotte

This week, we take note of a half-sponsorship, a less than half-hearted crowd, and the best 5 laps of any racing in the last month.

That, plus the Dale Jr. medical leave, Keselowski’s fuel issue, relative points, Fox contract extension, qualifying rule changes, and more!

Picks for next week:

Coach: Brad Keselowski
Rob: Denny Hamlin

A new side of Kid Rock from Talladega

The show this week takes a look at the sights (ohh, my eyes!) from Talladega, and how not great the race really was. Can you really call it a race if you can lay back at 3/4 throttle for all but the last 20 laps? What was up with Kid Rock? Kurt Busch – mistake or meltdown? Points – NASCAR’s or ours? All these questions and more are answered in this week’s episode.

Picks – this week, the pick totals are tied – who will win at Charlotte?

Rob: Jimmie Johnson
Coach: Denny Hamlin

Unrealized Expectations, live from Dover

This week’s super exciting trachschmak captures all of the excitement and intrigue that was Dover! All of it! From pit reporters not able to “report” from the TeeVee, Biffle’s bleep-fest, real points, alternate points, pick points, and more, it was a heck of a show.

Also, bonus footage of us straightening out the Trachschmak Pick Points (TPPs) this week. It’s exciting!

Picks for next week at Talladega:

Coach: Dale Jr.
Rob: Keselowski.

New Hampshire; The Eastern End of NASCAR, if ya know what I mean…

Better than last week, but that’s not saying much. This week, we detail the death of the ‘staché, Kyle Busch and his team issues, and more!

Picks for next week:

Coach: Jimmie Johnson (safe, boring, but a winner).

Rob: Martin Truex Jr. (’cause sometimes, you use your silver bullet, and sometimes, you use a spitball).

Chicago Schmak

A boring race. Schmaked.

Ratings 1 or 1.5 out of 5. Horrible. But at least there was some grab-assery.

Picks for Loudon:

Rob: Kasey Kahne

Coach: Clint Bowyer

[edit]We mentioned in the podcast as predicted strong drivers – Jimmie Johnson, Brad Keselowski, Denny Hamlin. Kind of obvious, but needed to be noted. Also, I think Dale Jr. will have a pretty decent day here (top 5ish).

Race for the chase at the place, what a pace. Yo face. At Richmond.

One of the better races (and schmaks) of the season (below Bristol and Watkins Glen), the race for the chase actually had some heat. Would Newman turn a lead into a win? Would Gordon catch Bowyer? Ohh wait, you already know. Well, the last 100 laps of the race gave us the excitement alluded to in the first 100 laps.

Picks for the chase:

Rob: Jimmie (who else) Johnson, dark horse Keselowsky
Coach: Denny (the Hammer) Hamlin, dark horse Keselowsky

Yep, we picked the same dark horse.

New chase, new rules – we’re allowed 1 pick of the chase top 12 for the remainder of the season.

Picks for Chicago:

Rob: Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Coach: Kevin Harvick

Atlanta Schmackanta

Atlanta happened. And so did some other stuff, like Jeff Gordon’s regret, Matt Kenseth’s revival at Gibbs, and Joey Logano’s release to Penske, among other things.

Picks for next week:

Rob: Clint Bowyer
Coach: Kevin Harvick

The Bristol Bash

What a race! What a summer of racing! Great racing means less to complain about, but still plenty to talk about in the schmak of the week.

Picks for next week:

Rob: Jeff Gordon

Coach: Kasey Kahne

Back to the Schmak again… after Michiganagain

We’re back! Lots of topics including Danica at the road courses, great/horrible analysis of the race from ESPN, the new ESPN app, the horribleness that was Indianapolis, mediocreness that was Pocono, the greatness that was Watkins Glen & Montreal, and the pretty-goodness that was Michigan.

Very special note: at the end of this podcast, Rob made me an offer of letting me pick Keselowski if he could pick all three MWR cars. I initially declined, and picked Kyle Busch.

But then reflecting on it and seeing Keselowski’s retro paint scheme for the race made me beg for a change. And so it happened.

So picks have changed – now they are:

Coach: Keselowski

Rob: Truex, Bowyer, & Vickers

I like my chances…

The race within the race within the race at Loudon

It was a race between Coach’s guy (Jimmie Johnson) and Rob’s guy (Clint Bowyer), and also between Rob’s guy and Rob’s alternate guy (Kasey Kahne). Even though Rob won the pool, he still lost the race within the race within the race. Also, who knew Kasey Kahne could triathalon faster than Jimmie Johnson? Chad Norris, that’s who.

Also in this week’s episode, more Denny Hamlin impressions, and a little bonus booth audio.

Picks for next week

Rob: Jamie McMurray (going on a limb)
Coach: Matt Kenseth (back to the safety driver)

Double the schmak in half the time – Kentona!

Special circumstances caused us to not record last week, and our first attempt this week was met with horrendous Skype issues. So to get this one out, we recorded at different locations with a different chat program. Take a listen to see how it turned out.

For the record, this is the Jack Roush quote I was trying to find:

“If I was as diligent on that end as I am about finding out why a fuel pump broke, I might have been able to stop it,” Roush said. “From my standpoint, he will be moving to the dark side. But the friendship part for us will survive. I’ve not lost respect for Matt and I hope he hasn’t for me. I’ve enjoyed the 15 years with Matt and the success he’s had as a driver. He is a cornerstone here and his DNA is all over this organization.”

First, eww, second, he says “dark side” – i.e. Toyota, third, he basically says that he pays more attention to a fuel pump than his star driver. Leadership error to go along with his pilot error, I guess.

Anyway, the rest of the podcast is filled with all sorts of stuff – discussion about back problems (Hamlin), drug problems (Allmendinger), cheating problems (Stewart and Dillon), plus the usual schmakery foolery.

Picks for Loudon:

Coach: Jimmie Johnson
Rob: Clint Bowyer

Hittin’ the Road, part I – Sonoma

When news breaks, we are here to schmak it! This week, Kenseth looks to hit the road as he is given his walking papers, Danica gets knocked off the road by Jaques Villenueve (I don’t know and don’t really care to check that spelling), and Clint Bowyer comes from the flat back road to the conquer the twisty hills of Sonoma.

With either good or bad coverage by TNT (depending on your viewpoint), we can all agree that road courses deserve a place on the schedule and are important for overall driver skill. At least, that’s what the schmak crew thinks.

Also, something fishy happened with last week’s picks – listen to find out!

Picks for next week at Kentucky:

Coach: Jimmie Johnson
Rob: Matt “Looking for a ride” Kenseth.

Polka-dots at Dover

Jimmie Johnson wore the Afro-circus polka dotted wig and horrendous paint scheme this week, which proves the point that it doesn’t matter what you look like, it’s what’s under the hood that counts. Life lesson. Learned.

This week’s schmak takes a look at Kurt Busch’s suspension, his probably firing, and James Finch’s 180 degree turn in statements.

When he hired Kurt Busch, he said: “I told Kurt, ‘I won’t fire you, and you won’t quit. We’ll do whatever it takes — roll in the mud if we have to to win.’ ”

This week: “If he’s going to kill himself I’m not going to be in the airplane with him. If that’s what he’s planning on doing, I am going to get out.”

Also, Prelude to the Dream. Ray Evernham! Danica Patrick! Tony Stewart! Ryan Newman! Clint Bowyer! and others!

Picks for Pocono:

Rob: Jeff Gordon

Coach: Jimmie Johnson