Racing during the whole race

I’ve been thinking about the thorny problem of “how do we get drivers to actually race during the whole race, and not just save it for the end?”

This article fleshes out one alternative to what I’ve been thinking – award points for your position on the track at the 1/4, 1/2, & 3/4 mark of the race. Maybe just the top 10 – if you are in 1st, you get 10 pts, 2nd, 9 points, etc…

But I think it is still an extension of the thinking that got us the points racing mentality in the first place.

Is there another format we can use to make races more interesting?

Could we break the races into 1/4 length chunks, at the end of which you get a caution flag and a mandatory 4 tire stop? You could also schedule commercial breaks in there and cover the green flag racing. Plus, the tendency for races to end in a fuel mileage battle would be reduced. Perhaps you could combine the two ideas – award the top 10 at the end of each segment the 10 – 1 points in descending order, and also take a break.

I admit, I haven’t thought this one through yet, so it’s probably full of holes. Now it’s your job to go and poke them.