Race for the chase at the place, what a pace. Yo face. At Richmond.

One of the better races (and schmaks) of the season (below Bristol and Watkins Glen), the race for the chase actually had some heat. Would Newman turn a lead into a win? Would Gordon catch Bowyer? Ohh wait, you already know. Well, the last 100 laps of the race gave us the excitement alluded to in the first 100 laps.

Picks for the chase:

Rob: Jimmie (who else) Johnson, dark horse Keselowsky
Coach: Denny (the Hammer) Hamlin, dark horse Keselowsky

Yep, we picked the same dark horse.

New chase, new rules – we’re allowed 1 pick of the chase top 12 for the remainder of the season.

Picks for Chicago:

Rob: Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Coach: Kevin Harvick