Celebrating the Road Course at Watkins Glen

This week, we celebrate the racing that is always exciting at a road course, talk about Max Papis and his successful subbing, Kyle Busch, and his dangerous celebrating, and a whole lot in between.

Picks for Michigan:
Coach: Dale Jr. (again)
Rob: Martin Truex Jr.

Road course extravoganza

For those who love road courses (or at least tolerate them), this is a banner weekend for NASCAR. Cup is at Sonoma, and Nationwide at Road America (yes, “America”, not Atlanta. I checked).

What’s new is the cup qualifying format. This is the same format that Nationwide had used in the past.

In summary:

  • Cars will be assigned to one of five or six groups based on final practice speeds, slowest to fastest.
  • Each qualifying group will be on-track for a set period of time, determined by the Series Director, and each car likely will receive three laps at full speed.
  • A car’s best lap time during its session will be the qualifying lap time of record.
  • A group’s time begins when the first car receives the green flag at the start/finish line.

Qualifying for Nationwide starts Saturday at 9:05 am Pacific on ESPN2.

Qualifying for Cup starts Saturday at 11:05 am Pacific on SPEED.

The Nationwide race then starts Saturday at 2 pm Pacific on ESPN.

The Cup race starts Sunday at noon Pacific, on TNT.

4 events, four different channels. NASCAR really needs to whittle it down some.

Is Kenseth a good pick for Sonoma?

Nascar.com asks the question in a headline:


Short answer: NO!

Longer answer: see Betteridge’s law of headlines.

Longest answer: if the answer to the headline question is “yes”, then the question isn’t written. A more declarative sentence like “Kenseth is a surprisingly good pick for Sonoma” or “You may be surprised by who we pick for Sonoma” is generally written. But I watched the stupid video anyway, and of course, they called Kenseth a fantasy dud, with Sonoma being his worst track.

So there you go, I just saved 5 minutes of your life. Also, now you don’t have to hear someone say “…four straight top-7 finishes”. Ridiculous.